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40 Silly, Sweet and Cool Fatherhood Pictures

lolzdaddy Sunday, September 19, 2010 , , , , , ,
Photos have always inspired me. If I’m trying to do something creative, my first stop is always flickr. As fatherhood falls firmly into the “Creative Work” category, I thought I would share some of the stunning pictures I’ve found. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me (they have certainly inspired me to consider some new family photo ideas). All of these photos have a Creative Commons License. Click on the photo to see its flickr page (that’s called attribution).


Family Resemblence
Sunshine Child Fatherhood Small Hands With Infinite Loves... Father and son surf lesson in Morro Bay, CA - image by Michael "Mike" L. Baird June 21st 2009 - Father's Day War Sucks DSP 144: In His Hand 2007-10-08 IMG_9276 Stormie Dad Babies away! dad & coop Dad's Foot fetish Dad, whats that red thing? With Dad in Tajrish Kid Beach :Not quick enough Xander & Dad safetyEscape from the Jobbest family everi <3 YouDad; when the sea will be calm again?You are my hero!!!HELLS ANGELS:ME AND MY DAD (1948)The AbyssCircus DadBaby with HeadphonesP1040558Me Smash!So many bottles, Dad!MONSTER-SQUAD-FANSz&sDinner with dad!dom, dad, and turtleFinalist!Caterina, Carlo and (hidden) me - 1971Mark & Lance '77Football DadWhat's That Dad?Playing with Daddy


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