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Back To School Madness

lolzdaddy Wednesday, September 15, 2010 , , , ,
I don’t have school age children. The people I know that do have school age children are busy this time of year though. They talk about it a lot. Going back to school is a big undertaking after all. After a year of classrooms and recesses and after school activities all the stuff that was bought the year before is completely useless. So off to the store to buy more things which will then break down over the course of this year, and so on and so forth.

The Madness Is In The Mind

We shop all year long for various things: Christmas presents, valentine’s gifts and groceries. Why then is it when we get ready to send our children back to school we lose our minds? Is it because every year parents give more and more purchasing control to the kids? Or is it the aggressive marketing associated with the season? Either way its a head problem.

Parents Are Crazy

Whether its overzealous back to school marketing making parents crazy or the fact that they are losing control over their babies a little every year is irrelevant. What is relevant is that for years you’ve been puked and pooped on and taken it all in stride. But suddenly when you’re at the store in late summer trying to fill an endless list of school supplies and trying to get some reasonably priced jeans you lose it? Suck it up people!

No One Wants To Hear It

You only do this once a year just like the birthday that gets less and less fun the older you get.  Just like birthdays, this back to school stuff will end eventually, just under happier circumstances. So for all our sakes, do as much of the shopping as possible online, accomplish the rest like a man, and have an extra beer when you get home.

Good Luck.


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